Utility Functionality#

class boxtree.timing.TimingResult(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

Interface for returned timing data.

This supports accessing timing results via a mapping interface, along with combining results via merge().


Merge this result with another by adding together common fields.

class boxtree.timing.TimingFuture[source]#

Returns timing data for a potentially asynchronous operation.


Return a TimingResult. May block.


Return True if the operation is complete.

class boxtree.constant_one.ConstantOneTreeIndependentDataForWrangler[source]#
class boxtree.constant_one.ConstantOneExpansionWrangler(tree_indep: TreeIndependentDataForWrangler, traversal: FMMTraversalInfo)[source]#

This implements the ‘analytical routines’ for a Green’s function that is constant 1 everywhere. For ‘charges’ of ‘ones’, this should get every particle a copy of the particle count.

Timing results returned by this wrangler contain the field ops_elapsed, which counts approximately the number of floating-point operations required.