Welcome to RELATE’s documentation!

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RELATE is a web-based courseware package. It is set apart by the following features:

  • Focus on easy content creation

    • Simple, text-based format for reusable course content

    • Based on standard YAML, Markdown

    See example content.

  • Flexible rules for participation, access, and grading

  • Versioning of content through deep integration with git. Instructors can preview newly-authored content while students work with prior versions, all from the same instance of RELATE.

  • Multiple courses can be hosted on the same installation

  • Code questions:

    • Allow students to write code into a text box (with syntax highlighting)

    • Sandboxed execution

    • Automatic grading

    • Plotting support

    • Optional second-stage grading by a human

  • Class calendar and grade book functionality.

  • Statistics/analytics of student answers.

  • Facilitates live quizzes in the classroom.

  • In-class instant messaging via XMPP. Works well with xmpp-popup.

RELATE is a based on the popular Django web framework for Python. It lets students participate in online activities, each of which is (generically) called a “flow”, which allows a sequence of pages, each of which can be both static or interactive content, for example a video, a quiz question, a page of text, or, within the confines of HTML, something completely different.

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