Data in RELATE can be accessed remotely and programmatically through a REST API. To access the API, create an API token using functionality the “Participant” menu.

An HTTP request like the following then suffices to access data:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token 7_23acf8e6235ff332b186d6bc7848ce3a47c26991" \


RELATE uses plain text tokens for API authentication. Like passwords, transmitting tokens over plain HTTP is laughably insecure.

DO NOT use RELATE’s REST API via plain, unencrypted HTTP.

The following API endpoints exist:

  • https://HOSTNAME/course/COURSE_IDENTIFIER/api/v1/get-flow-sessions?flow_id=FLOW_ID

    Retrieves all flow sessions in a course for a given flow ID.

  • https://HOSTNAME/course/COURSE_IDENTIFIER/api/v1/get-flow-session-content?flow_session_id=FSID

    Retrieves all pages with answer and grade data for a given flow session with a numerical flow session ID FSID. FSID can be obtained from get-flow-sessions.

To see what data will be returned from these queries, examine the API source code.