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Class StupidInterdomainFluxMapper

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Attempts to map a regular optemplate into one that is suitable for inter-domain flux computation.

Maps everything to zero that is not an interior flux or inverse mass operator. Interior fluxes on the other hand are mapped to boundary fluxes on the specified tag.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, bdry_tag, vol_var, bdry_val_var)
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map_operator_binding(self, expr) source code

Inherited from optemplate.IdentityMapperMixin: map_boundarize, map_boundary_pair, map_diff_base, map_elementwise_max, map_flux_base, map_flux_exchange, map_mass_base, map_normal_component, map_scalar_parameter

Inherited from optemplate.LocalOpReducerMixin: map_diff, map_inverse_mass, map_mass, map_minv_st, map_stiffness, map_stiffness_t

Inherited from optemplate.FluxOpReducerMixin: map_flux, map_lift

Inherited from pymbolic.mapper.IdentityMapperBase: map_call, map_common_subexpression, map_constant, map_function_symbol, map_list, map_lookup, map_negation, map_numpy_array, map_polynomial, map_power, map_product, map_quotient, map_subscript, map_sum, map_variable, map_vector

Inherited from pymbolic.mapper.RecursiveMapper: rec

Inherited from pymbolic.mapper.Mapper: __call__, handle_unsupported_expression, map_foreign, map_rational

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__init__(self, bdry_tag, vol_var, bdry_val_var)

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map_operator_binding(self, expr)

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Overrides: optemplate.IdentityMapperMixin.map_operator_binding